There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens: (
Ecclesiastes 3:1)

I am in an unexpected season filled with a roller coaster of emotions.

Right before school let out for the summer, I thought I could blog once a week.   I had completed a couple blogs and was committed to helping others get through the pain of divorce.  I was looking forward to blogging at the very least once a week.

Unexpectedly my mom’s health took a turn for the worse.  She entered into the hospice program.  I had no idea of the emotional roller coaster that was about to hit.  My emotions were all too familiar.  I have felt all these emotions before.  It was so similar to when I got divorced.  I even had a nightmare I was back in the court room!

I was profoundly sad.  I was angry. I was in a daze.  I was often just lost.  It didn’t happen in any exact order and each day brought a different emotion.

It is a busy season for me; with the kids being home for summer and caring for my mom.

I have learned I must be patient with life and take the seasons as they come.  I need to see what God wants me to learn.  What part do I play in this season of my life?

Unlike during my divorce, I have made God part of my life from the very beginning.  I know I can count on God for answers to tough decisions.  I know He will guide me in the way I should behave.  I know He will take my anger and sadness away.  He will replace my roller coaster of emotions with happy blessings.  This is how God loves each and every one of us.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the love you have shown me.  Thank you for being with me during this busy season of my life.  Lord please show me how to act and guide me as I care for the ones I love.

In your holy name, Amen



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  1. Such good words and a good reminder of how to stay centered in the midst of crazy and painful seasons. Thanks Mary Jo!

  2. Dean Thorson says:

    I really needed this post. As we go through these seasons of life, we do need to lean on His help and love to get us through. This post reminded me of that!. Thanks, Mary Jo!

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