My Story

Reaching out to God through DivorceThe last decade has been quite a journey for me.  It all started with my own divorce.  At first, I thought I could handle it on my own, so for two years I suffered.  After two years of wandering I was brought to my knees with such sadness and depression.  I was tired of hurting 24 hours a day.  My brother told me about a non-denominational church that he thought I should check out, which I did.  The day I walked into that church was the day my life changed.  I started attending a divorce recovery workshop.  I also started going to school at night.  I wrote many papers on divorce recovery.  I started leading divorce recovery classes.  By the time it came to write my thesis, I thought I was done recovering from the divorce, done teaching classes and was ready to put the entire “divorce thing” behind me.  But, God had another plan for me.

The professor asked each student to give a list of thesis ideas.  She told us to make sure we liked our idea because we will be living and breathing the subject.  I gave her a list of all the ideas I thought would be great to write about.  The very last on the list was divorce recovery.  I really didn’t want to write about it.  She went right to divorce recovery.  She told me that is what she wanted me to write on, yes she was adamant about me writing on the subject divorce recovery.  Since I wanted to do well in the class, I thought I’d better give the professor what she wanted.  I indeed lived and breathed the subject, which included a lot of research.


Out of my thesis not only came a paper, but my passion to continue helping others recover from their divorce.  I then wrote a book and hope to publish it in the near future.


I feel so passionate about helping others.  God turned my life around and gave me blessings upon blessings.  I want the same for you.


I look forward to helping others around the world and welcome all communication.


I pray that God blesses and gives you the life He desires for you.


Mary Jo Thorson Signature